Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Diet? No!

Let's be clear, I have been on a diet for approximately 18 years. Not that I'm even remotely considering dieting while pregnant (I'm not that crazy), I will say that its a bit odd to be able to eat whatever my body tells me to. Let's also be clear that my body doesn't always crave things like kale, apple cider vinegar, and celery. My body, perhaps stuck 18 years in the past, likes such things as pizza, ice cream, dairy in ridiculous amounts, pasta, chocolate cake, and full fat yogurt.
The more I read pregnancy books, which by the way I don't recommend doing, the worse I feel. I'm supposed to have only gained 2 pounds in my first trimester and as the last week of trimester one passes by, I'm approximately 8 pounds (11 if I weigh myself at night) over-stuffed. I could feel bad about this, however eating about every 15 minutes was the only way I could remotely survive the torture that was the last 8 weeks. Therefore, I don't care. My mother gained 60 pounds with me and then proceeded to look like a porn star for most of her life. I'm going with genetics on this one.

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