Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Car Seat

Oh my dear god, seriously how do people that are not very smart figure things like car seat installation out?! I am not a genius, well sometimes I am, but mostly I'm not and yet I am smarter than your average Jane and YET this new car seat of Ellis' may be proof that I'm actually a nitwit. In the past I have never read instruction manuals. B O R I N G. And dumb! And B O R I N G and usually more confusing than just getting in there and figuring it out. This has worked for me 85% of the time. I can't really do that this time though because this isn't a universal remote control I'm trying to figure out here, it's my child's only protection from my unbridled road rage. This is serious! I have already opened a beer because this manual is fucking rocket surgery and where are the ADD meds when you need them? So again, it begs the question, how in the hell does anyone with an average to below average IQ and/or a 15 year old mom-to-be figure stuff like this out? Maybe I'm a big dummy and everyone has just been being nice this whole time because I am so clearly a dummy and you all feel sorry for me, "Oh look, how cute, she's writing a blog." Whatever the case may be, I'm hoping Aaron in all of his obtuse, male, spatial awareness, thing-ama-jiggy brilliance will be able to figure it out. I'll keep you posted. Side note: the car seat is bad ass! It looks like a Indy-500 driver's seat. Ellis is big pimpin' now!

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