Friday, July 5, 2013


This week was so stressful I feel like half of a person. I am still in denial (thank Jesus) that in the last two weeks we have lost 40% of our funding, suspended substantial parts of our business and furloughed 100+ employees. My only solace in all this is fantasizing about the inevitable downfall of the woman behind all this. Enlightened, no, but it's a step above hiring a hit man (yes, this also crossed my mind.) Considering I've been on the planet for 24 years, oh I'm sorry, 34 years, one would think I would be used to blatant injustice but it gets me every damn time. I will probably end up marching on the Capitol. This country is so adept at balancing its budget on the backs of the poorest among us and when it happens in my close proximity, well, it knocks the wind out of me. Still gasping for air.

In other news, I'm having a rather serious bout of OCD that is manifesting itself in hours spent on I'm not purchasing anything, what with the professional cluster fuck. I'm simply adding copious amounts of furniture to my shopping lists. I have come to loath all of our furniture, except our dresser, but everything else must go. Poor Aaron. I wonder if he sometimes fantasizes about his escape. Maybe that's why he's making a shed (apartment?) in the backyard.

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