Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thoughts on the road

It's no secret that we want out of New Mexico. I will always love Taos and I will always visit Taos, my family lives there, and I'm a Taosena no matter where you put me. The behavioral health takeover was the final straw. I am insulted, disgusted, and terrified by the state of NM and I am frankly not able, in good faith, to practice behavioral health in NM as it stands now. I don't think I can subject Ellis to NM's educational system either. The rub is, I love my job and I love my family. It seems a little crazy to give up what I have at this point. Despite this predicament, Aaron, Ellis and I set out on a journey to see if we like Boise or Portland enough to relocate in the next couple years.
So here are my thoughts: I loved Boise. I love the fact that you can buy a lot of house for $200k. I love that the schools are great and public. I love that there are 24 soccer fields that are booked day in and day out with happy, active kids. I love that the city offers what you need but isn't sprawling or overwhelming. I
love that you are surrounded by rivers and lakes, mountains and bike trails that are as well defined as regular roads. I love our friends who live there. I also unabashedly love Fred Meyer stores. Who the hell knew?! 
Now, Portland: I love that the cells of every plant are buzzing with life from the unrelenting moisture. I love that moss grows in the cracks of sidewalks. I love that everything smells slightly of mildew and cedar. I love that I don't have to pump my own gas. I love how friendly people are. I love that we have friends here. I love that we are an hour from the ocean! I do struggle a bit though with wondering if the rain will depress me. I worry that the fish are radioactive from the Fukushima meltdown. Mostly though, I sort of worry that I might not be weird enough to live here. Or maybe that's the beauty of Portland? Come as you are and we will love you. 
For now what I know to be certain is that my heart hurts thinking of leaving my family, my friends, my boss and my job. Until such time as a future path is laid out, I'm going to relish in everything I adore about New Mexico. 

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