Friday, October 25, 2013


There are many tests in life, like when Aaron asks me what I think about him traveling to the Congo. Or when you get pulled over and the officer asks you, "Ma'am, do you know why I pulled over?" This by the way, is perhaps my least favorite rhetorical question. Well officer, I'm assuming I was breaking the law and since I suffer from a variety of maladies, I can only guess I was either speeding, swerving or flipping off the asshole in front of me. Since I'm not drunk and I'm up on my anger management, I was most likely speeding. 

Anyway, I digress. The other kind of test in life is the kind you have to take to get letters after your name. I am currently studying for my LISW exam (I know, ironic, considering the latter paragraph). I took a practice exam and I didn't pass. Then I took another and I didn't finish because I could tell I wasn't passing. The first one I took at 10 pm. 170 questions. The second I took after 2 beers. This is my qualification for failing both.

Needless to say, my confidence and unwarranted bravado has since left me. Here I am, staring at my tall stack of study materials realizing that I will actually have to put effort into this.

As Ellis would say, "I don't yike it."

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