Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Confessions Pt.3

2/25/14: The other day when I was driving home I pretended I was famous and Jimmy Kimmel had invited me on his show to read a Mean Tweet. I pretended that my mean tweet said, "Dorothy Forbes is a stupid, fat, whore." I laughed really loud and then said to the camera and hopefully my mean tweeter, "That is not nice." [Ellis subsequently asked me, "Mommy? What doing?" To which I responded, still laughing, "Oh, just pretending to be famous again." "Oh."
P.S. If you have not experienced Mean Tweets, youtube it immediately. Quite funny.

2/19/14: Sometimes when I'm driving, which is all the time, I pretend I'm a famous singer in a recording studio and I put one hand over my right ear, you know to help with tone and resonance, and then I belt out something that rocks my producer's world and he just stares at me from behind the glass with an expression like, "We're going to be rich!"

2/18/14: Sometimes, ok, most times, when I'm walking out of the supermarket, I pretend I'm famous and paparazzi is taking my picture without me knowing so they can feature me in UsWeekly's, "Stars--they're just like Us."

"They go grocery shopping! Dorothy Forbes keeps it casual and stocks up on microbrews while grocery shopping in Taos, NM." 


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