Saturday, March 8, 2014

An Ode to Four (It's part of preparing for marriage. Also, I am no poet)

I was so young and unresolved.
He was the nicest man I had ever met.
In the end, after my mistake, I was still absolved.
Unconditional love was our only debt.

I knew the first time I saw him,
A spark I had not yet known.
Kind, he was not. And still I walked out on that limb.
A wild ride with hints of love but always finding a heart of stone.
Still I loved him even though our chances were grim.
"The one who got away" is who I am according to him.

I had always heard of a love so grand, so encompassing,
We were deeply in love. Infatuated. 
You lose yourself without second guessing.
Passion goes both ways though.
Who was once your greatest blessing,
can so quickly become your foe.
I ran as fast as I could
and thank God.
I did my best to be there just the way he liked it.
In the end, nothing I did would acquit.

I was on the mend when I met you
A tremendous heartache I had just been through
I found as I regained my feet, a wound across my memory
that no amount of stitches would repair
but I awoke, and you were standing there.
A life so sane, so full and calm.
A million years, I hope we share.
Our love and fortitude has been like a balm.
Health, happiness, laughter and love is my prayer.

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