Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 2

Internal Dialogue

12:10 PM - Could work be anymore stressful today? Stupid question. Of course it could. But why, why must we all implode on the same day? Can't we space it out? Maybe it's good they all do it on one day because then I get it over with. This would be a great time to do yoga. Right now. Right when my blood is boiling, my smile is turning fake, and my eyes are squinting at the receptionist who keeps asking me questions that are all leading up to, "Am I getting a raise?" Can't you tell this is not a wise time to ask me for a raise? Yoga will be good today. So glad I made this commitment. *Note to self: bring yoga mat everywhere. Yes, be that person.

3:47 PM - Son of a bitch! I do not want to do yoga. I want to drink wine and watch Harry Potter.

5:03 PM - So. hungry.

5:30 PM - Oh, lasagna...

9:12 PM - Oh my God. Still haven't done yoga. Actually went back to work after dinner to avoid doing yoga. I am so fascinated by myself. I didn't know I could be so avoidant! Crazy. Ok, I can't handle how mean and judgemental I will be to myself if I don't do this so, here we go. Bedtime yoga sequence. Will check in after if I stay awake.

9:22 PM - Returning work emails....

I did it.
It was delicious [Rolls eyes at herself].
No, but it was. I am a ball of stress. My body makes noises when I move my limbs. I'm not going to do something stupid and commit to stretching before bed for the next 30 days, but I can see how that might be helpful. In other news, pushing a baby out of my vagina for 36 hours did a number on my hips. They're tight as f**k. This may have something to do with my nearly constant low back pain.

I fell asleep in savasana, which is par for the course. Was happy that my open mouth snore was caught only by this guy (see below). He's really good at savasana by the way. He practices all day. They say it's the hardest pose. My yogi Jaco.

Alright, y'all. Let's see how tomorrow goes. Should I take my yoga mat to the Albuquerque office and bust a move? That staff is still getting used to me. I rapped to them about essential oils last time I was down there so I may as well whip out my yoga mat, keep 'em guessin'. 

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