Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fallen. Off. Wagon

I find it interesting that it takes 21 days to form a habit and my yoga challenge has hit an abrupt stop at day 20. I was listening to some Teal Swan today and she was talking about self-sabotage. Apparently I'm guilty of it in lots of ways (stress eating a turkey melt in Costco today for example).

I do however, have an astounding ability to reframe just about everything so that I am either grateful for, or feel less guilty about whatever circumstances are arising before me. I believe that our natural state of being is one of joy. I know that when I feel most aligned with myself, my higher power, creator, etc., I feel pretty damn groovy. My nickname as a child was "bubbles." Young children tend to get everything right, have you noticed that? They don't give a hoot what anyone thinks, they wear sparkly pink princess dresses to funerals, they give people dirty looks when they're tired and hungry (something we all want to do, don't lie), they stare at the world in glorious wonder and then ask, "Mom, do we know the muffin man?" So, I figure I must have had it right as a child. Effervescence is my goal.

That being said, I always try to reach for a better feeling thought. "I have failed at my yoga challenge," or "I can't even do 30 days of a yoga," are thoughts that don't make me feel happy. I much prefer the following: I am so excited that I was unable and unwilling to do yoga for the last three days because it offered me a noticeable contrasting experience. I can say, without a doubt, that yoga subtly, and yet profoundly improves my life. It causes Well Being, and I would not have known this, not for sure, if I had drudged on and forced myself to do 30 consecutive days.

So much better.

Tomorrow is a yoga day. It's time.

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